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Berzerk - Wolfman

Our client, an innovative sports event organizer, sought to promote their unique obstacle race in a way that would grab attention and depict the thrill of the event effectively.

In this race, competitors don't only overcome physical obstacles but also dodge sprays from a high-powered water gun attached to a chasing car. Our challenge was to convey this heart-pounding dynamic in a tight, fast-paced, and gripping video that could keep viewers hooked till the end.

Our video production team rose to the occasion, using drone perspectives, ground-level close-ups, and slow-motion captures to provide a comprehensive view of the race's adrenaline-fueled intensity. Coupled with a compelling soundtrack, the result is a high-impact promotional video that tells the unique story of this thrilling event.

Video to be used for social media as a short teaser for a longer promotion video put together by us.